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Q Does your website offer secure commerce?
   My browser is not indicating a secure connection during checkout.
A   Please read about security here.
Q   What is the difference in bullets and ammunition?
A   A bullet is a component for loading ammunition.  It is only the projectile.  Ammunition is the full loaded cartridge that is ready to shoot.
Q   How do you pronounce ROZE?
A    Just like the flower..Rose.  No one here is actually named Roze.  It is a rearrangement of ZERO.
Q   How long has Roze Distribution been in business?
A   Roze Distribution started in 1995 as a means for individual shooters to purchase Zero bullets and ammunition.
Q   How old do you have to be to purchase from Roze Distribution?
A   The law states that you must be over 21 years of age and have no restrictions that prohibit you from purchasing bullets or ammunition.
Q   Do I have to fill out the proof of age form if I'm only buying components?
A   Yes.  Since it is assumed that you are going to be reloading these components, the law covers both.
Q   Is Zero ammo any good?
A   Zero Ammunition is very reliable, accurate ammunition.  Zero has been in business for over 50 years.  Zero has strict standards that are continually followed.   If you ever encounter any trouble, Zero Ammunition is unconditionally guaranteed.  We want to make sure you are happy
Q   How soon do you ship out orders?
A   Most in stock orders ship out in less than a week. Backordered items may take much longer.
Q   How do you ship your orders?
A   Bullet orders shipped Fed Ex Ground, UPS Ground or Priority Mail. Most Ammunition Orders shipped UPS Ground.  Hazardous items, such as primers are shipped by Fed Ex Ground. Large orders(over 250 pounds)may need to be shipped by a truck line. You will need to make special arrangements for large orders.
Q   Does my order have to be on an order form if I fax or mail it in?
A   No it does not.  Just make sure to include all of your information.
Q   Do you offer exchange pricing on ammunition?
A   Yes.  There is a list we can send you if you are interested.
Q   Do I have to send in the same caliber of brass to get exchange pricing?
A   Yes.  If you send in a different caliber, we give you a dollar credit off of the regular reload price.  Call or email for details.
Q   How hard are your lead bullets?
A   Our lead bullets made by Zero are swaged and are not rated on a hardness scale like cast bullets.
Q   What specs does Zero load to?
A   Zero follows all SAAMI specs.
Q   Is the hazardous fee for primers a fee per order or per box?
A   We can no longer bundle together boxes. Hazmat fee is per 5,000 primers.     For every 5,000 primers there will be a fee.
Q   Do you carry other products besides Zero products?
A   Yes.  We carry Winchester, Fiocchi, Starline Brass, Case knives and various other miscellaneous items.
Q   Does Zero do special loads for shooters?
A   Not unless it is a very large quantity order.  Zero is not set up to deviate from their standard loads for small orders.  A large order of ammunition would be over 15,000 rounds.

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